In the media sector, Turkey is ranked among the top countries in the world, in terms of content production and viewing/reading, both in the traditional and in the social media, also known as the new media. Several legal matters may arise especially in the relationship between companies that operate in this sector and content creators, producers, broadcasters, actors and other content creators. Therefore, legal counseling is not only required in the establishment phase of a media company, but also in the operation phase of that company regarding their activities.

Güngör Law Firm is providing legal consultancy in accordance with the sector specific needs of producers, broadcasters and media companies. In this regard, the first stage is to provide legal solutions in accordance with the client's needs on issues related to company structure, management, and legal status in the process of establishment of a media company.

In addition, legal consultancy is also provided in transactions such as the licensing of contents, and if required, the export and import of that content within the framework of national regulations.

Furthermore, as Güngör Law Firm, our expertise includes the identification of the rights of copyright owners and the manner in which these rights are exercised in jointly created artworks, such as cinematographic works, the registration of cinematographic works, establishing the manner of use of the material and moral rights of directors, original music composers, screenplay writers and dialogue writers in these works.

In addition to these areas, depending on the specific needs of our clients in the media sector, we also provide legal counseling in the following areas:

  • Preparation and execution of sponsorship, advertising, management, production and broadcasting contracts

  • Ensure that advertisements comply with consumer legislation, including the Regulation on Advertising and Unfair Commercial Practices

  • Preparation of advertising contracts with social media service providers

  • Transactions regarding the material and moral rights of copywrite owners under the law of intellectual property rights

  • Protection of media contents under the regulations on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

  • Transactions regarding Export and Import of copyrighted works and and license agreements

  • Establishment and management of media companies

  • Conducting registration procedures for cinematographic productions

  • If necessary, carrying out legal actions related to written and visual publications