In the laboratory and analysis sector, which is closely linked to production and other services, there are various types of laboratories operating in a wide range of fields. Compliance of a product with standards is crucial, especially when analyzing the quality of products, determining the presence of ingredients, and determining compliance with export and import regulations. In addition, medical analysis laboratories also have a major role to play in the health sector. In addition, laboratories for agricultural products, chemical materials and equipment contribute to innovative processes in the agricultural sector and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Laboratories, which have such an important role, are also regulated in detail in Turkish legislation. The "Law on Veterinary Services, Phytosanitary, Food and Animal Feed", the "Regulation on Food Control Laboratories" and the principles established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Turkish Food Codex contain detailed regulations on the establishment, operating principles, approval of applications and the activities and analytical studies to be carried out by the laboratories.

Güngör Law Firm also provides legal advice to its clients at every stage of the laboratories, from the establishment stages of the laboratories to their operational processes and provides legal support to the laboratories to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation. For our clients, we carry out projects in the field of labour law and personal data protection law, offering legal consultancy on inspecting the products offered for sale in supermarket chains and chain restaurants and the products inspections of these supermarkets and restaurants, inspecting private label branded products, inspecting suppliers in the supply chain of them, drafting contracts for investments and related transactions, drafting confidentiality agreements where necessary.

In this respect, we provide legal counselling to our clients especially on the following issues:

  • Procedures for obtaining workplace opening and workplace operation licenses required for businesses

  • Procedures for obtaining permits for the establishment and operation specifically for laboratories

  • Ensuring compliance with the Regulation on Food Control Laboratories

  • Carrying out investment and purchase processes for laboratory equipment, materials and facilities

  • Initial establishment of laboratories and their transfer within the framework of merger and acquisition projects