Turkey has an important position in agriculture due to its rich agricultural lands and geographical status. This offers wide range of opportunities for agricultural and animal production in the country. In addition to the production, there are also significant attempts in the processing and packaging of agricultural products. Consequently, agricultural products are not only offered in the domestic market but also in the international market, and these products are widely exported and imported. At the same time, Türkiye aims to transform its agriculture  sector in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner by adopting sustainable agricultural policies and good agricultural practices. In addition, organic farming practices have recently became an important part of the agriculture sector and are increasingly being used in production.

In accordance with the needs of its clients operating in the agriculture sector, Güngör Law Firm regularly monitors the related legislation, prepares all forms of contracts related to production and sales depending on the needs of its clients, ensures compliance with the relevant legislation for agriculture and also in the supply chains of its clients, provides legal consultancy in disputes arising and conducts other processes related to agricultural production with their expertise.

In this respect, We specificly offer consultancy in the following areas:

  • The monitoring transactions of agricultural lands,

  • Contracts for the collection of products,

  • Storage and handling of products,

  • Drafting the legal procedures for the sale of products through dealers and distributors,

  • Examination and regulation of legal processes of platforms providing services in the field of agricultural technologies,

  • Purchase of agricultural equipment and industrial investments,

  • Subjecting annual crop trees to movable pledge within the framework of TARES.